How to make a psd?

1. open you picture in photoshop (file > open) you need a small picture so resize your picture or cut it with the crop tool.

2. now start editing and experimenting with the picture as you wish:

add brightness and/or contrast (layer > new adjustment layer > brightness/contrast)
add vibrance (layer > new adjustment layer > vibrance)
add hue and/or saturation (layer > new adjustment layer > hue/saturation)

3. now select all the layers (ctrl + click each layer)

4. once all the layers all select go to layer > group layers. then you should see this:

5. and done, now go to file > save as… > and save it as “photoshop (psd, pdd) “

and in your dash you should have a file like this


before & after (without and with the psd)


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